• Two Investment Rentals from the ground up

  • Sun River, OR
  • SFG Express

Long time Seattle Funding Group borrower who loves to build investment properties anywhere he can land his airplane decided that Sun River was next on his list. (Little did SFG’s construction manager Jim McBride know when he signed on that his job description included risk to life and limb aboard small aircraft to inspect properties.) Here’s a borrower who understands how to make OPM (other people’s money) work for him. He purchased two of the few remaining lots in Sun River a year ago on a 100% seller carry and since completed his engineering. Now with plans and permits in hand, SFG funded 100% of the construction budget while the seller subordinated their entire interest to SFG’s new first position loan. Loan to a corporation, line of credit terms, 100% loan-to-cost financing and 48 hour turnaround on construction draws makes SFG the construction lender of choice for smart builders.