• 7 days to close, 1 place to call

  • Phoenix, AZ
  • SFG Express

A quick no hassle close was needed to acquire a fabulous Al Beadle designed townhome in the highly desirable Biltmore area of Phoenix.  In only 7 days Seattle Funding Group was able to make this purchase a reality.  Knowing time was of the essence, a SFG Underwriter was at the property the next day. With an SFG office in Scottsdale, we used our valuation relationships in the Phoenix market to establish value in two days and…… met the speed challenge.

In a competitive market where a quick close can make the difference in winning the bid, Seattle Funding Group is the best option.

What we like about this deal:

  • Value to the borrower was well in excess of the cost of funds, with plenty of upside.
  • The “need for speed” component typifies the current marketplace and the need for SFG in a buyers tool belt
  • The condo unit has is own secluded private pool, one of only four in the complex to do so….creating demand through scarcity.
  • Borrower has multiple exit strategies at his disposal.
  • The private pool with large privacy wall! What’s not to like about that?!

SFG…Radically fast closings for the real estate entrepreneur…for over 30 years!