Seattle Funding Group understands the value of “Closing Now” and transitioning to the next level. Since private money loans are short term in nature, most borrowers don’t want to endure a 30 day+ and seemingly intrusive underwriting process for a loan they plan on retiring within a year. For the borrower who wants to instantly access capital for investment purposes, SFG’s residential loan program can be the fastest and simplest solution.

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Residential Loan Program details

Borrowing entities and credit requirements

  • Individuals, corporations, LLCs, partnerships, trusts, estates, international investors, etc.
  • Combine multiple borrowers or multiple entities into a single transaction
  • SFG is credit sensitive and performs common sense underwriting of the asset, borrower and numbers

For a variety of investment reasons

  • Immediate acquisition of undervalued properties or to prevail in competitive bidding situations
  • When traditional lenders can’t or won’t move fast enough
  • Properties listed for sale or under contract are no problem… no prepayment penalty

Non-consumer, residential investment properties

  • Rental homes, small multi-family, fracture condos, properties listed for sale
  • 1–4 units, 5+ acres, vacation homes, corporate retreats, super luxury rentals, fix and flips
  • Multiple properties (one loan)
  • Cross-collateralize on multiple properties when maximum loan amount is required
  • Subordinate liens acceptable for a portion of the protective equity

Responsive portfolio lender

  • SFG doesn’t rely on credit lines or depend on reselling to the secondary market
  • Offers the creativity and flexibility that comes with being a true portfolio lender

Simple application process

Fast answers

  • Same-day turnaround on SFG’s expression of interest
  • We can provide proof of financing letter and close your loan in days when the situation requires