It’s an everyday reality that banks and traditional lenders can’t keep up with the speed of doing business. Being able to access the capital you need in just a few days can be imperative to preserving valuable business relationships or capitalizing on tremendous profit opportunities. Since 1988, Seattle Funding Group’s commercial loan program has loaned hundreds of millions of its own funds to corporations, partnerships, LLC’s, trusts and individuals who understand the time-value of money. In every case, SFG is faster than a bank and cheaper than a partner.

Real Estate Capital at at the speed of business®since 1988

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Commercial Loan Program Details

Borrowing entities and credit requirements

  • Individuals, corporations, LLCs, partnerships, trusts, estates, international investors, etc.
  • Combine multiple borrowers or multiple entities into a single transaction
  • SFG is credit sensitive and performs common sense underwriting of the asset, borrower and numbers
  • Seasoned, skilled sponsors are a plus

Most real estate considered

  • Commercial, industrial, office, multi-family, self-storage, retail, etc.
  • Cross-collateralize on multiple properties for maximum loan amounts
  • Unimproved parcels, residential lots and single-use properties considered based on the specifics

For any business purpose

  • Capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities such as the immediate acquisition of undervalued or value-added properties
  • Restructure debt, settle disputes at a discount, buy out partners
  • Cash-out refinance or borrow against properties listed for sale
  • Renovation, asset repositioning

Responsive portfolio lender

  • SFG doesn’t rely on credit lines or depend on reselling to the secondary market approvals
  • Offers the creativity and flexibility that comes with being a true portfolio lender
  • Direct portfolio lender engineered for speed

Simple application process

Fast answers

  • Immediate action, steady communication, quick closings
  • Same-day turnaround on SFG’s expression of interest
  • We can provide proof of financing letters and close your loans in days when the situation requires