Sometimes, it’s just that simple.

This transaction had all the right elements in place:

  • Terrific Hermosa Beach location in LA’s South Bay
  • Strong, organized Borrowers had paid cash for the property
  • Well-regarded, local GC responsively and knowledgably answered all questions
  • Permit ready for demo and new construction
  • The new design, house size and price point were well-suited to the market
  • The referring, highly-experienced mortgage professional remained actively involved
  • All parties were fully engaged and ready to go from the first phone call
  • …and so was Seattle Funding Group

When all the parties are properly prepared and engaged, Seattle Funding Group routinely closes bridge financing in 7 to 10 days, or less…no big deal.

But even with 30 years of industry leading performance, it still feels good when a new demo and ground-up construction loan comes together in 3 weeks, from start to finish.

Put SFG’s Team to work in financing the construction of your next project, and prepare to close…at the Speed of Business.