Self-employed borrowers found that the traditional banks were more hesitant to lend on investment properties than they imagined. After negotiating an extension on the purchase and with the clock ticking, borrowers turned to SFG to fund their transaction. SFG promptly evaluated the market and determined that this location was excellent. Known as “West of Market,” this neighborhood contains very few rental properties and with high tech employers like Google expanding, the demand for high quality rentals appears bright. These borrowers have excellent credit and a sizable cash down payment (over 40%). Another quality loan for the SFG portfolio.

58.38% LTV

SFG would like to thank Dominique Ruybal of Windermere. Dominique’s knowledge of the Kirkland marketplace was instrumental in helping us reach a loan decision quickly. In the last few years Dominique has become SFG’s ‘go to person’ for evaluating properties on the Eastside. Thanks Dominique, we appreciate your expertise.