• Capital at the Speed of Business

  • Sunset Cliffs (San Diego), CA
  • SFG Express

Fast funding has long been the hallmark and mainstay of the private money lending business. With the systems, controls and processes that develop over 27 years as one of The West’s first fund-based, private money lenders, Seattle Funding Group has maintained that core strength and ability to respond to time-based lending challenges.  And we’ve blended it with a highly resourceful staff, the discipline of adhering to and observing solid underwriting techniques in spite of the shortness of time, and a management team that embraces the daily challenge, has made it systemic and part of our DNA – Capital at the Speed of Business.

As a well-capitalized, fund-based lender, SFG’s staff has the ability to focus on the deal, for we always have the money available. Always available for the loans we should do, those which meet our lending models and regardless of time pressures…like this one.

Called on a Tuesday, walked the property and issued the LOI on Wednesday, loan docs in escrow on Friday, wired and closed on Tuesday…and Monday was a holiday. Less than a week, and no big deal, until you consider that we touched every base to protect the interests of our decades old Family of Funds, while providing the highest level of service to our newest client. That new client knew of Seattle Funding Group of California, was referred by others from the same Pt Loma/Sunset Cliffs submarket, a coastal neighborhood in which we are very active. With excellent credit, a strong balance sheet, significant liquidity and deep fix & flip experience (see the photos of a recent, prior project), they are exactly the type of sponsor around which we have built our portfolio, and the very reason that Capital at the Speed of Business remains relevant and alive at The West’s Leading Private Money Lender.

As always, SFG of CA is supported by and thanks its third-party service providers for their expedited assistance: In this case, Frank Palatella of Palatella & Associates turned the appraisal in two business days. Seems like responsiveness is part of Frank’s DNA, as well!