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SFG’s Fall Collection

Posted by SFG Staff Writer

Check out this recent sampling of SFG deals. It features high-end properties from all corners of the west coast. From Seattle to San Diego | From construction to bridge financing | From single family homes to brand new apartment complexes Seattle Funding Group is your partner to a fast closing.           […] Read on

Orb-iting Seattle

Posted by SFG Staff Writer

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to visit the South Lake Union area of downtown Seattle. And it wasn’t just to witness the spectacular light show put on at Gas Works Park, it was to check out some of the explosion happening on the opposite side of the lake. […] Read on

Builder Skill – Paramount in the Success of Construction Loans

Posted by SFG Staff Writer

After many years of portfolio construction lending, hundreds construction loans funded, managed and serviced over the last two decades; one thing stands out above all others when measuring a loan’s success: The character and skill of the builder. When the market is frothy hot, everyone wants to be a builder […] Read on

SFG Employee Profile: Jim

Posted by SFG Staff Writer

“Without Jim McBride at the helm of our construction department, SFG would not have been able to grow our construction programs to what they are today! His attention to detail, work ethic and communication with our customers is unparalleled.” –Kent With so much on our radar screen for 2016, we […] Read on

private money lenders

Private money lender: a lender (just to be clear, we’re referring to fund based lenders more so than someone sourcing private individuals) who lends based on great care to borrower background, quality of securing property, and the high expectation of repayment based on borrower success. These lenders can deliver capital […] Read on