Which Two Markets Can You Find in the Top 20 for 2016?

by SFG Staff Writer

Urban Land Institute released their Emerging Trends in Real Estate for 2016. It can be found by clicking here.

Within it you’ll find both Seattle and San Diego (#4 and #16 respectively) as two of the top ‘Markets to Watch.’

Starting with Seattle, the report mentions how the city has become increasingly popular with both domestic and international investors alike. Additionally, it is brings up Seattle as holding quite strong in all sectors moving into 2016. Single Family housing seems to be particularly “attractive,” but also the wide variety of industries present in the city (especially the growing tech industry) is something to keep an eye on. The report also mentions Seattle as being proactive in green-building incentives.

Looking at San Diego now, we see it has moved up in the rankings this year to #16. San Diego (according to the report) has great potential not only in the residential (both single and multi-family) sector, but also in the life sciences and technology sectors. Multi-family in San Diego predictions rank as some of the highest in the region, as well as office/hotel not too far behind (Seattle ranking 1st for office). The report states that local respondents feel very positive about the “local economy, investor demand, and capital availability” throughout the San Diego marketplace.

Seattle Funding Group has a strong presence in both of these cities, with each of our offices filled with veteran staff members who truly know their markets well. We found this report to be both informative and positive, and encourage you to take a look at some of what else is mentioned within it. Let us know how we can help you get to that final closing, before 2016 rolls around!