SFG Employee Profile: Denise

by SFG Staff Writer

“Denise is somebody that I highly respect & admire. I absolutely love working with her. She makes me laugh. She is someone that I aspire to be like.” –Karin

DeniseWhen the blogging staff was deciding who to write the very first ‘SFG Employee Profile’ on, it was sort of a no-brainer. It had to be someone who was hardworking, intelligent, but also just an all-around enjoyable person to work with.

Apparently it was a no-brainer for the rest of the SFG team as well, because when I asked them to share their thoughts on Denise Tallman, pretty much everybody wrote me back immediately with an overwhelming amount of positive things to say.

Below are some facts/quotes about Denise from others around the office:

About Denise

Denise has now (as of last Sunday!) been with Seattle Funding Group four years, and is not only a tough worker, but is someone who keeps the spirit and energy levels high every single day. “Next to me, of course, Denise has the most calming telephone voice…friendly, assuring, professional, kind…and she is the only one in our office who takes note of birthdays, special events etc. here at SFG.” –Jim

After working with Denise just a few months this summer, I quickly found that she loves her city and likes to stay involved with everything it has to offer. “Originally from the Mid-West, Denise is now a die-hard Seattle sports fan. She follows the Mariners, Seahawks, UW Huskies, and absolutely loves golf. She has two daughters who play golf, and she has been their biggest fan and supporter since day one.” –Ron

From day one, she will be your friend. Denise has the ability to make friends with anyone very quickly, and it is something I really admire. “Denise is your all American girl with a few drops of trouble mixed in, and I mean that in the most fun and respectful manner! She and I have become fast friends, referring to ourselves as the Thelma and Louise of SFG. Always, backing each other up, having the same goals of closing loans on time, and no matter the roadblocks, having a great time meeting them.” –Charlene.

Denise is someone who never has a bad day. She’s always upbeat and can deal with anything that comes her way. She always sees the good in people. “And she loves to scare people.” –Barb

Fun Facts

  • Her nickname around the office is ‘Slacker,’ because she is always the first one here in the morning.
  • Denise loves to laugh: “Outside of her husband and children her next great love is Jimmy Fallon. Once she starts watching a video (on a rare mental break), especially of him singing with a guest, she can’t stop laughing.” –Ruth
  • She loves to do pottery
  • Loves the Zoo
  • She’s a very giving and generous person: “I once commented on her nice earrings, and about a week later, her she comes in with the exact same pair as a gift to me.” –Barb
  • Enjoys breakfast out
  • Chick flicks (but can also tell you any movie, what it’s about, and the actors in it)
  • Favorite colors: “red, white and blue…honestly!” –Charlene
  • She is secretly an awesome cook, and loves Kansas City BBQ

The last thing you should know about Denise is that, “some of her favorite things in life consist of family time, new movies and watching…yes…Ultimate Fighting. We lovingly (because we are all scared) call her desk area the Octagon. Which is fitting as she manages to handle every punch, kick and hit that’s thrown her way with grace and skill.” –Kent