• UPDATE! Construction Completion – Spec SFR

  • Pacific Palisades (LA), CA
  • SFG Express

A very professional originating broker and her highly organized, much experienced client/builder were just two of the many elements that allowed this residential construction completion loan to quickly work its way through SFG’s underwriting and approval process. Other determining factors included an excellent location, a sensible product that meets its market, strong sponsorship and a very low LTC/LTV ratio. Taken on balance, these varied strengths and attributes allowed SFG to approve and fund a loan type (jumbo spec – construction completion) that is otherwise difficult to obtain in today’s financial marketplace. They also underscore the reasons why SFG depends upon and works closely with the brokerage community. Identifying portfolio opportunities that continue to outperform the market and SFG’s responsiveness when dealing with our core broker relationships are the basis by which SFG remains the premier private-money lender in the West.