We had been working to earn the business of this highly experienced, successful coastal builder for well over one year before he called late one morning needing assistance with a refinance. We met with him at his office that same afternoon, heard about his current situation, suggested what we saw as the most expeditious and least costly solution, and then left to see the subject property. We called him early the same evening from the subject property and provided immediate deal-certainty. Seattle Funding Group of California would lend up to $1M within a few days, and just as soon as he was ready. A measurable percentage of SFG’s lending is on highly responsive bridge financing such as in this case. In many situations, SFG of CA can provide deal certainty the same day, subject to verification of the representations and condition of title. And closing within days, when necessary, can be accommodated when all parties are fully engaged. This client got back with us, told us he only needed $500,000 and we drafted loan docs within a couple of days. Once he had his ducks in a row, we closed, but from Day One, he knew unequivocally that SFG was there, checkbook in hand and ready to respond. As a well-capitalized, fund-based private money lender, we can make it as simple as that. And with pricing among the best in the industry, make SFG of CA your first call for highly responsive bridge financing…and construction financing, too!