Sunday night, 1/31 at 6:48pm email received: “Buying another desert rental property…thinking of offering $1,025,000 and close within 15 days…how does that sound?”

SFG’s response, 7:01pm on the same evening: “Always ready…call the ball, Goose.”

Wednesday, 2/03: Purchase Contract executed; Deal Certainty

Tuesday, 2/16: Deal Closed

There was the usual underwriting and due diligence to cover between the initial email, the deal certainty and the on-time closing, but this is exactly why so many repeat sponsors and clients count on Seattle Funding Group. SFG enjoys a high level of activity in many submarkets throughout the West, we know these cities and neighborhoods well, and we have excellent contacts to verify present values and current market conditions. We can get to deal certainty in hours, even on a Sunday evening, subject to verifying the facts and details as represented. And as a well-capitalized, direct lender, we close on time and as agreed, often allowing our clients to capture an otherwise lost opportunity.

Is Seattle Funding Group’s responsive bridge lending capability special, unique or unusual? Maybe not. But to this 13-time repeat client and busy entrepreneur, and for so many others like her, SFG is the one she calls, emails or texts, 7/24, when she needs to know she absolutely, positively has her financing in place.

Thank you to Valery Neuman of Hom Sotheby’s International. For years, Valery has been our go-to source for high-end residential values and market conditions in The Coachella Valley. More often than not, she knows the property in question, and she epitomizes the consummate real estate professional upon whom SFG relies.