• No doc, Multiple Properties, Listed for Sale, Corporate Borrower

  • Greenlake & Snohomish, WA
  • SFG Express

Sometimes business moves faster than money, which is just the case in this SFG loan success story. A high profile attorney brings a high profile client with some high profile free and clear real estate to SFG for quick business capital. All the ingredients were there for the making of a great success story where everyone wins. SFG’s loan is secured by two houses, both of which are affordable and in highly marketable locations. House number one is a classic 2 bedroom 1 bath view house in the desireable Greenlake neighborhood of Seattle and house number two is a farm house on 13 acres in Snohomish Washington about 25 miles outside of Seattle. Both properties fit their respective markets well and have a combined appraised value of $900,000. Our loan was for $500,000. This is the third time this attorney has sent his clients to SFG for swift solutions.