A quick closing was paramount after a local bank turned down the deal, at the last minute, due to unrelated issues. This grade “A” credit score borrower had a business deal, separate from the subject, and needed cash out in a hurry. The clock was ticking. SFG set up the environmental survey, commercial broker opinion of value, and an SFG principal walked the property, in a few short days. Although ugly, the subject is well located in a high demand area of Beaverton/Aloha Oregon and fit its market perfectly. With this clean, well run property, and strong borrower, SFG was able to close within seven days of the call. The borrower, broker and attorney were all pleased and impressed with the outcome.

LTV 42.2%

Quote from Borrower’s Attorney:

“I really appreciate how efficient your company could work on a short deadline. I will definitely keep you in mind the next time a client needs a commercial loan. Thank you again.”