A transaction with Seattle Funding Group provides a high level of certainty. Especially important when the transaction is complex involving multiple parties, multiple parcels of real estate, and the time constraints of a 1031 tax-deferred exchange. This borrower wanted to buy-out his business partner, exercise a purchase option, use a down payment from a tax-deferred exchange, and close before he lost his tax benefit. The complexity of this type of transaction is usually enough for most conventional lenders to decline. Not with SFG! SFG is a hard money lender with unique lending programs and was able to work with the borrower/buyer’s tax-deferred exchange.  The borrower was able to bring $800,000 cash to complete the $1,600,000 purchase transaction. These elements combined with a thorough underwriting of the properties makes for another happy broker and a high quality loan for the SFG Income Funds.