This borrower is an experienced landlord with rental properties throughout Seattle, WA. He has borrowed frequently from SFG in the past for one simple reason, we do what we say we are going to do! He’s been down the bank path too many times and feels certainty is paramount to his success. The subject is located in a very stable neighborhood of Seward Park and has been a wonderful rental property over the years. When the tenants moved out it was time to give the tired property a little TLC. This property was free and clear as is most of the borrower’s portfolio.

SFG responded quickly and was ready to go to loan docs within a few days. SFG was able to close with just a quick evaluation. Even with the small loan amount, SFG’s pricing is amongst the lowest available. Providing certainty, fair priced lending and always responsive service… regardless of the loan size!

LTV – 32%