• Acquisition Financing in San Diego

  • Mission Beach (San Diego), CA
  • SFG Express

A measureable percentage of Seattle Funding Group’s business comes from satisfied, repeat clients. They recognize the true value of a direct, portfolio lender that is both responsive and professional, a lender who consistently performs and remains ever mindful of the client’s needs. In this case, a repeat client is expanding their beach-area vacation rental portfolio, acquiring new properties at a sensible price, stabilizing the asset and conventionally refinancing once done. SFG of California provided the acquisition financing for their first purchase in San Diego almost three years ago. Since then we’ve watched them as they have flawlessly executed their business plan, and we remain prepared to support their continued success with acquisition financing in San Diego with little more than a phone call.

SFG of CA offers its thanks to our third-party service providers for their expedited assistance: Palatella & Associates for the appraisal and Tom Fowler with Advantage Building Inspections for the property inspection report and follow-up. SFG appreciates all of the long-term relationships with our professional realtors and service providers. We clearly recognize their importance to the process…particularly when days and hours matter. Another success story for the entire, extended team at SFG, and a terrific new addition to the borrower’s portfolio.