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What can you Expect in 2016?

Posted by SFG Staff Writer

2015: Reflecting on an Amazing Year 4 Notable Transactions Time of the Essence on this Prime Retail Location Refi in Redmond, WA Price Break for Quick Close on High Demand Apartment Building in Beacon Hill (Seattle), WA Refi on Non-Income Producing Commercial in High Traffic Location in San Diego, CA Renovation of […] Read on

Which Two Markets Can You Find in the Top 20 for 2016?

Posted by SFG Staff Writer

Urban Land Institute released their Emerging Trends in Real Estate for 2016. It can be found by clicking here. Within it you’ll find both Seattle and San Diego (#4 and #16 respectively) as two of the top ‘Markets to Watch.’ Starting with Seattle, the report mentions how the city has […] Read on

private money lenders

Private money lender: a lender (just to be clear, we’re referring to fund based lenders more so than someone sourcing private individuals) who lends based on great care to borrower background, quality of securing property, and the high expectation of repayment based on borrower success. These lenders can deliver capital […] Read on

SFG Employee Profile: Denise

Posted by SFG Staff Writer

“Denise is somebody that I highly respect & admire. I absolutely love working with her. She makes me laugh. She is someone that I aspire to be like.” –Karin When the blogging staff was deciding who to write the very first ‘SFG Employee Profile’ on, it was sort of a no-brainer. […] Read on

10 Lessons from 28 Years in Business

Posted by SFG Staff Writer

It seems like once you reach the age of twenty-one (or twenty-two if you’re into T-Swift), you stop looking forward to birthdays. That’s certainly not the case here at Seattle Funding Group. We are about to celebrate 28 years of excellence, and we couldn’t be happier! However, most of us know […] Read on