SFG is a Different Animal

Experience the Power of Portfolio Lending

It takes more than a non-conforming lender to clear the hurdles of matrix lending; it takes an altogether different animal. It takes a lending team with their own money and a blind eye to the secondary market to take you outside the matrix and into the world of real commissions and real added value for your client. It takes Seattle Funding Group.

Seattle Funding Group tackles deals every day that your non-conforming lenders might only consider an exception basis. And because you can’t build your business on exceptions, you know Seattle Funding Group is there to back you up on a proven approach to equity lending.

Seattle Funding Group can do what no other lender can do because they portfolio all the loans they make. Take, for example, a loan Seattle Funding Group recently made on a home under construction, listed for sale and the borrower was a corporation. Or how about a mixed-use commercial property in the name of an LLC and cross collateralizing onto the borrower’s rental house. Now add to that no prepayment penalty and a ten-year term and you have a creative deal making environment without the pretense of hard money.

Matrix lenders are irreplaceable, but what every broker needs is a reliable and effective partner for both conforming and non-conforming loans. When your borrower has a great piece of real estate, but non-matrix circumstances, call Seattle Funding Group. You’ll not only experience the Power of Portfolio Lending, you’ll experience an easier side of the mortgage business while building a book of repeat borrowers who will turn to you for the refinance.

Call SFG today and “experience the power of portfolio lending.”