Jim McBride celebrates 10 years with SFG!

Few private lenders in the nation have a construction department as service oriented and successful as Seattle Funding Group’s. Jim McBride is a major part in that success. For over ten years now, Jim has served the building community, mortgage brokers, and bankers across the west coast, helping them get their loans closed and projects built. Before a construction loan is approved at SFG, Jim reviews the project plans, permits, cost analysis and builder history to determine the feasibility of a project’s success. After the loan is funded, Jim continues to work with the client by performing field inspections and by making recommendations for progress payments, while keeping the project flowing smoothly. Seattle Funding Group’s construction loan program has experienced almost zero defaults due to the fact that our builders have been set up to succeed from the beginning of the process. With Jim McBride managing our construction loan department, builders and brokers keep coming back again and again, repeating their successes.

Thank you Jim….and cheers to ten more years!