• A View to an Opportunity

  • Sunset Cliffs (San Diego), CA
  • Residential

The Sunset Cliff’s neighborhood of Point Loma, itself a community within the city of San Diego, is one of many such Southern California submarkets that remains loaded with opportunity. This long term SFG client saw such opportunity and quickly moved to acquire a 1950’s built, 2BR/2BA, 1,450 square foot house that had the location and view potential demanded by the marketplace. Re-envisioned as a major remodel to avoid coastal entitlement delays, he transformed it into a contemporary, 4BR/4.5BA, 3,600 square foot home with sweeping views from each room, and he finished it off with a huge, Top of The World entertainment deck.

Like so many of SFG’s closings, it wasn’t earlier included in our Deal Gallery. It was just another terrific bridge loan underwritten and closed for all the right reasons – right location, right numbers, right strategy, right sponsor. In this case, however, it was appropriate to revisit the project for addition to the gallery; to trumpet his vision, execution and success. His sixth transaction with Seattle Funding Group of CA, and he has wowed us once again.

So often we hear that the fix & flip market has dried up, that the opportunity to profit no longer exists, but he and so many other SFG clients believe otherwise. Yes, they have to dig for and tailor the scope of each project to the true opportunities presented by the market, but they find a way. And along that way, they call SFG…then they execute. It’s great to be a tiny little part of their successes, and time and again, to witness their entrepreneurial vision become profitable reality.