“From the time SFG took the call to closing was less than 48 hours.” 

– Kent Rowe Senior Vice President, Seattle Funding Group

Experienced builder’s bank dropped the ball three days from closing. With back up offers pending, he had one shot to get it right, if at all possible.

“I knew if a three day closing was possible at all, Seattle Funding Group would be the lender to do it. Their reputation in the industry for speed is well known. But three days? Hmmmn. And they pulled it off! To say I was grateful was an understatement.”

– Marc Wilson | Watershed Holdings, LLC

Thanks in part to an extremely organization borrower who gave SFG his full attention, results like this are not only possible, but happen quite frequently.

SFG continues to serve entrepreneurs throughout the Western United States, looking for a hyper fast, deal making speed lender, to help them seize opportunities in this very competitive real estate climate.

SFG – Capital at the Speed of Business!

Purchase price: $1,800,000

Loan Amount: $1,100,000

LTV: 61%