The common misconception is that the typical private money borrower is credit or financially impaired with few available options. This 823 FICO borrower underscores Seattle Funding Groups of California’s long-held counter belief and approach – working with high quality sponsors, we better manage portfolio risks by focusing on responsive transitional lending as our value add.

This quality borrower had a maturing conventional loan on a well-located, fully leased, multi-tenant industrial building. He required a refinance loan to close in less than two weeks and was prepared to add cash and additional collateral in support of that request. The referring mortgage professional was a well known, repeat client of SFG’s, and on a transaction where deal certainty and speed were essential, SFG was once again Gary’s lender of choice…the road had already been paved with prior Successes.

A well-supported loan, a terrific, well-maintained, light industrial asset, a strong and capable borrower…and now a second SFG Success Story for this experienced mortgage professional. His first SFG Success was on a vacant, 64,000 sf office building that also had to close in less than two weeks, but that’s another Story.