• Mission Hills Bridge Financing

  • Mission Hills (San Diego), CA
  • Residential

This client has acquired and profited from a growing portfolio of pet friendly vacation rentals, developed a highly successful, ever-growing portfolio of restaurant properties, coffee houses and retail boutiques sporting her own branded surf wear, her prior, extensive development experience has her actively and constantly involved in new mixed-use and hospitality opportunities, and if there were a Most Interesting Woman campaign for locally brewed craft beer, it would no doubt be Gina and her furry friends in the starring role. As a fearless and prosperous businesswoman, this 10x repeat client has many financing options, for with all of her successes have come the credit, cash flow, liquidity and financial infrastructure necessary to avail herself and related entities of conventional financing…when time allows.

But time doesn’t always allow for this inveterate deal maker, so when she needs bridge financing, deal certainty and speed, she texts Seattle Funding Group of California…at times in the middle of the night. “Can you get me a proof of financing letter tomorrow on this” or “I just contracted that property; can we close next week?” Moving at the speed of business, SFG’s responsive bridge financing clearly resonates with her, as does the deal certainty that comes with 27 years as a direct portfolio lender.

We truly appreciate and value our many time repeat clients, and to her, we say, “Keep it growing, My Friend.”