Local Repeat customer ready, to capitalize on a euphoric Phoenix Market, came to SFG of Arizona for speed and efficiency. Having product available to sell is the key to high profits in this market – Time is of the essence!

SFG of Arizona assisted in the acquisition of the land and development of the lots. When our client was ready to build, we provided the capital to start the vertical.  Jim McBride, our in house construction loan manager, helped our borrower navigate the rising cost of materials to create a budget that worked.  Over the coming months, this relationship with our in-house team will expediate the draw process and bring this fabulous executive estate to market quicker.

Client stands to profit handsomely from this terrific infill development!

In a frothy market, a quick loan process and a strong lender/borrower relationship reduces construction time and captures realized gains sooner.  We are excited to see the finished product of this outstanding estate, with more homes to follow!

Stay tuned!