Construction and construction completion loans continue to be among the most active of Seattle Funding Group’s many loan programs. In this case, numerous factors overwhelmingly supported approval and funding of the request. Those factors include submarket location, product design and appeal, price point, competitive market conditions and inventory, sponsorship experience and equity, the land was free and clear…and permit ready.

The point is SFG remains a leader in the private money financing of sensible spec residential construction for experienced sponsors building product that meets today’s market demands. Augmented by our highly professional construction loan department, SFG’s Team of experienced Underwriters are the ones to call when you are looking to finance your client’s construction projects.

In addition, SFG would like to recognize Mark Hoiseth at Homebuilder’s Marketing as one of the very professional team members for this new home project. SFG and its CA staff have had opportunities to work with Homebuilder’s Marketing in the past, and we know from experience just how much Mark and his Team bring to the table.