For decades, Seattle Funding Group has been very active in funding spec and infill residential construction throughout California’s Coastal Band. So when this four unit SFR construction opportunity was presented, we knew it was right over our plate. Moreover, the request came from a long-term, trusted industry professional with whom we first closed a transaction over 10 years ago in Carlsbad.

Repeat relationship, quality builder, core costal location, small infill product, low leverage…DEAL CERTAINTY.

As a small balance construction lender with over 32 years in the business, we have been lending throughout numerous economic cycles, and we remain active today notwithstanding the COVID storm clouds that have stalled so many others. Disciplined underwriting, durable lending models, sustainable capital structure, quality sponsors and projects…REPEAT THE PROCESS EVERY DAY.

Yes, those storm clouds are troubling, but SFG is long-accustomed to measuring twice and cutting once. In this market, we often measure thrice, but we do so ever mindful of our commitment to providing CAPITAL AT THE SPEED OF BUSINESS.