The referring broker on this transaction called mid-month for a closing required before the end of the month. This is no problem for SFG, let alone on a low leverage refinance of multifamily property in the Telegraph Hill neighborhood of San Francisco…so long as there is complete cooperation and energy on the other side of the table. In this case, the highly experienced broker understood the process and shared SFG’s commitment to the objective. 5 days later, his client was signing loan docs with a 5.99% Pay Rate.

Favorably priced, highly responsive bridge loans remain SFG’s strong suit. Together with a variety of construction lending programs, Seattle Funding Group’s thirty years of experience and performance often makes the difference. And when working with likewise experienced, committed brokerage professionals and their energized sponsors, Seattle Funding Group will hit your target every time…Capital at the Speed of Business


The difference between closing in 1 week or 1 month most often depends upon the cooperation of the broker and sponsor…the energy and commitment to quickly supply the requested data, overcome obstacles, resolve issues and maintain focus on the shared objective of an immediate closing. Seattle Funding Group’s Team and process is built for closing highly responsive bridge loans. Some brokers clearly understand what is required and play a pivotal role in achieving this objective and hitting the target. Be that guy; be the broker who knows what it takes and takes no prisoners.