SFG was in the process of underwriting and providing deal certainty for a $4.5m loan request in Malibu when the referring broker asked if we could quickly lend the same client another $1.3m in Laguna. Our immediate answer was, “why not?” Having made many loans in recent years in Laguna Beach and Coastal Southern Orange County, SFG knew exactly who to call to confirm current values.

This oceanview house was free and clear, vacant and on the market for sale. SFG’s transitional loan provided business capital urgently required by the owner, a non-resident foreign national. Given the strength of the borrower and the sub-55% LTV, our affirmative response quickly turned to rolling up the sleeves on multiple fronts to accommodate the client’s time sensitive capital needs.

SFG offers its thanks and appreciation to Rosanne Kline of Surterre Properties. For years, Rosanne has been SFG’s go-to source for value in Coastal Orange County, and we greatly respect her market knowledge and valued assistance. Rosanne knew the property in question, providing immediate access to SFG’s underwriter and numerous sales comps in support of her BOV. SFG highly recommends Rosanne and Surterre Properties!