Fantastic Sponsorship | Terrific Location | Solid Track Record

July 18th: The California broker contacted SFG’s Scottsdale office with a bridge loan request on a 48 unit complex.

The hurdle: The broker’s borrower had another $7M complex in Texas under contract but needed to close that transaction by July 31, as the Texas Sellers were unwilling to grant any extensions.

What we liked about this deal:
  • Experienced borrower with excellent financial and a substantial equity position in the property.
  • Located in the rapidly expanding area north of Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Terrific management & a solid track record to go with it.

July 31st – The solution: The broker knew the first call is to SFG and the underwriting team in Scottsdale quickly jumped into action and closed the transaction in 10 days, thereby allowing the borrowers to seize their Texas opportunity with plenty of time to spare.

A quick thank you!

The Broker, Ron Semon is a true professional and knows when time is critical and there is a need for deal certainty, and new the first call had to be to SFG.

Thanks also to the timely evaluation by Zach Mishkin, VP at Orion Investment Real Estate.


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