Back in August of 2011, Seattle Funding Group of California provided the bridge loan financing for this sponsor to acquire the first property in her vacation rental portfolio. She had a vision, and we believed in her ability to execute on that vision to develop a profitable, high-quality portfolio of well-managed, pet friendly, vacation rentals at San Diego’s hugely popular Mission Beach. Surpassing our expectations, her LuvSurf Team has performed at the highest levels, and now has ten properties under the LuvSurf brand, successful restaurants and a growing retail element, as well.

SFG of CA certainly won’t take the credit for Gina’s fabulous success, but we are happy to have been a tiny little part of what is becoming a profitable and Sandy Empire. This transaction marks our 7th bridge loan for Gina’s group, and her professional Team continues to execute, stabilize, conventionally refinance and improve both occupancy and profitability with each passing season.

Many thanks to Gina and SFG’s numerous repeat clients; SFG is an unusual hard money lender, competitively priced and here to play an early and continuing role for our clients and their many varied successes. Bridge loans, construction loans, fix and flips…make Seattle Funding Group your first and last call.