This rather straightforward, time-sensitive bridge acquisition loan required deal certainty and a quick close. The borrower’s representative, themselves repeat SFG clients, knew Seattle Funding Group was the direct lender to call. As is so often the case, it was the only call necessary, and the right call for all involved.

With the combination of quality location and solid sponsorship (credit, liquidity, balance sheet and experience), SFG quickly, if conditionally, approved the financing at the requested 70% leverage level. The representations were quickly confirmed, the exit strategy documented, value verified and title reviewed…and SFG quickly moved directly to docs and closing.

Together with a host of construction lending programs, responsive bridge lending remains one of SFG’s core strengths. So whether it is ground-up financing, asset repositioning, or $7,000,000 in 7 days, Seattle Funding Group has been the direct, portfolio lender to call…for 28 years and counting.